DTS Audio Electronics
Antique Sound Labs AQ1003DT mkII
  This integrated amplifier is impressive right out of the box. However the owner wanted more without having to trade up (and spend huge money).
  Here's some of what was done.
Replaced all coupling caps with Mundorf
Bypassed the main filter caps
Replaced smaller local filter caps (double capacitance)
Replaced screen and cathode resistors on output tubes
Corrected the operating point of preamp stage for lower distortion.

Total cost of this mod - $600.00 (CDN)

In some cases the volume control needs replacing.
Add $50.00 to the price

Unfortunately there are no pictures available.
All the work done is also applicable to the AQ1001DT mkII, and mkI versions.
copyright DTS Audio Electronics 2012
copyright DTS Audio Electronics 2012