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While we try to keep stock of Blackdog products, most of the following is built to order.

Only the
non-refundable deposit will charged at the time of ordering. The remainder will be charged when the unit is ready to ship. 48 hrs notice will be given prior to shipping.
Shipping will be calculated and charged at that time depending on item and destination.
Deposits are listed with each item below.

By clicking on the "add to cart" button you are putting a deposit on the item selected.

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Blackdog L1a Linestage Preamplifier

- All tube signal path with only 1 capacitor per channel
 - 5 line level inputs
 - Remote control volume with mute
 - 3 6SN7 tubes (Tung Sol stock see options)
 - High quality circuit board construction
 - Hand assembled in Canada
 - Designed and built in Canada

copyright DTS Audio Electronics 2012
Deposit - $1000.00

 - Set of 3 Northern Electric 6SN7 Tubes - $240.00
 - Khozmo 48 Step Attenuator
       (replaces TKD control) - No Remote capability - $200.00

 - Mundorf Silver/Oil Capacitors - $200.00
 - Furutech AC Inlet (AC inlet-G) - $19.00
Blackdog VTP Vacuum Tube Phono Preamp

 - All tube MM phono preamp with SUT MC stage
 - MM gain 46 dB
 - Two MC gain settings 62 db and 68dB
 - MM, MC front panel switchable
 - Input impedance MM - 47k, MC - Select at time of order
 - Passive eq
 - Zero feedback design

Deposit - $500.00

 - Northern Electric 12AX7A Tubes - $100.00
 - Furutech AC Inlet (FI-03(G)) - $19.00
 - Select impedance other than standard 100 ohms - No Charge
Blackdog HiFi ICP Phono Preamp

 - Solid State Phono Preamp
 - Super low noise design
 - Four gain settings
 - Two MC impedance settings - Specify at time of order
 - Two piece construction with separate power supply
 - Top quality components used throughout

Deposit - $200.00
 - Furutech AC Inlet (FI-03(G)) - $19.00
 - Moving Coil Impedance (select two values) - No Charge
All prices in Canadian Funds
Shipping and Taxes Extra

copyright DTS Audio Electronics 2012