Blackdog LS1 v3 Linestage Preamplifier

 - All tube signal path with only 1 capacitor per channel
 - 4 line level inputs
 - Remote control volume with mute
 - 4 6SN7 tubes (Tung Sol stock see options)
 - Relay input switching
 - Fully regulated high current power supply
 - High quality circuit board construction
 - Designed and built in Canada


 - Set of 4 Shuguang Treasure CV181-Z Tubes - $600.00
Because each unit is built to order, and to your specification, please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery
During construction of your preamp, the lines of communication are always open. Please feel free to email with questions or requests.
Available with clear anodized or black powder coat front panel.
  Custom colours available at your request.
No extra charge.

 - Mundorf Silver/Oil Capacitors - $250.00
Deposit - $1000.00 *
We strive to make every product personal and to fit your needs.
If you require other features or options please email for pricing.
If you have any questions please email.
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 - Set of 4 Northern Electric 6SN7 - $500.00
* Deposits are non-refundable
 - Furutech AC Inlet - $25.00