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Copland 301 (301mkII, 305)

One of the worlds great preamps, made even better.

 When these preamps were first produced, there was not the wealth of quality capacitors, resistors and other parts that are available today. Also, the power supply is a bit of a weak link.
Along the way, we also discovered a few minor circuit changes that make this preamp into a super preamp. 

This complete upgrade consisted of the following:
- Upgraded power supply with larger low ESR capacitors, ultra fast diodes
- Mundorf coupling caps
- New Volume Control (mk 1 only) - see below for mkII
- New Balance control
- New wiring to jacks and pots
- Improved grounding
- Circuit upgrade for lower distortion and noise
- Low noise metal oxide film resistors in the signal path


Available Separately
  New volume control options
- Direct Replacement (motorized Alps) - $65.00 (mkII Only)
- Motorized volume control on non-remote preamps - ($300.00)
Requires faceplate modification 

Also Available
- Replace jacks with Cardas - $150.00
- Replace tube sockets - $75.00

All mods apply to the older 301, and 305 as well (some minor variations)