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Want or need something that nobody else offers
Want something that is one of kind or special purpose
Want quality product without the cost
Want only the bells and whistles you want

We can design, and build what you want, with the features and sound quality you deserve.

Here's just a couple of samples built for pople with special needs.

Custom Line Stage

custom linestage

This solid state, FET input preamp was designed to drive an amplifier with a very low input impedance (5000 ohms). Output impedance of this preamp is about 1 ohm. 
The owner has only one source. Vinyl.
He is in fact using the orignal protpype of the VTP tube phono preamp.

Headphone Amp with multiple inputs and balance control

Built for a customer who had multiple sources, and a slight hearing impairment.
He therefore needed balance control, and three inputs.
The result was the Headphone DE.

headphone amp front headphone amp back

Built into the same casework as our stock Phono DE.
The combination works exceedingly well.

Budget Headphone Amplifier

Built in the same chassis to as the Mikrophono. 
  This small aheadphone amplifier can drive any headphone over 50 ohms impedance. Built to match a customers Mikrophono for a small desktop system.
 The circuit utilzes a semi-discrete power opamp using high current transistors to do the driving.
 Fully regulated power supply for ultra quiet operation.

headphone amp front headphone amp back

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