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Blackdog LS2 v3 Linestage Preamplifier

A new generation of superb audio preamps has arrived.
A budget friendly tube preamp that will surprise your ears

 - All tube signal path with only 1 capacitor per channel
- 4 line level inputs
- High quality circuit board construction
- Available in two versions - 6DJ8 or ECC82/ECC81 - See below
- Optional internal Phono - See below
- Designed and built in Canada  

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  Blackdog HiFi LS2 v3

vacuum tube linestage

Lower priced, but not lower quality.
Based on the circuit topology of our LS1 preamp, we've created a lower priced preamp with the same attention to detail and sound quality.

This preamp is available in two versions.
6DJ8 (ECC88) - has a bright lively sound, full of detail. Capable of a large soundstage for an exciting listening experience.

12AU7A/12AT7A - A little more laid back, but highly accurate. This version produces thunderous bass, and silky smooth highs.

Both versions are available with a smaller version of the VTP phono preamp. Featuring 12AX7A tubes, and accurate passive EQ for a clean smooth presentation of your vinyl. Moving Magnet only.

$2600.00 base price. 

Deposit $750.00 (EMT or Paypal Accepted)

Deposits are non-refundable
Balance will be invoiced upon completion

Email for package pricing with the options below


- Mundorf Silver/Oil Capacitors - $260.00

- Phono input - optional MM phono board - $400.00

- Remote control volume - $250.00

- Furutech AC Inlet - $35.00

- Gotham Audio-Sonarquest 85015 Power Cord - $100.00

Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery

During construction of your preamp, the lines of communication are always open. Please feel free to email with questions or requests.

Available with clear anodized or black powder coat front panel.
Custom colours available at your request.
No extra charge. 

We strive to make every product personal and to fit your needs.
If you require other features or options please email for pricing.
If you have any questions please email.

For more information visit:
Blackdog HiFi LS2 v3
or use the email link below.