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There are some new and exciting things happening with Blackdog HiFi products.

All of the solid state Blackdog preamps, and phono stages now have JFET input stages.
  We're using the incredible Linear Systems JFETs. These low noise, low distortion fets are perfect for audio gain stages.
  The advantages of this new front end are better impedance matching, lower noise and distortion, and broader frequency response.

Most of the existing solid state products can be updated. This includes the Phono DE, and Mikrophono, as well as the Headphone DE

Owners of any of these products can email for pricing and delivery. 

New product coming soon.

A new solid state line stage is coming in the next month.
 Built in the same chassis as the DE line. 
 As with all the new solid state gear, it will incorporate the JFET front end. 
  It will also be available with several options including a stepped attenuator, and an optional internal high current power supply.
Pricing is yet to be determined.