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Phono DE Custom Solid State Phono Preamp

Blackdog DE Solid State Phono Preamp 
As tube-like as you can get from solid state.

 - Fully discrete circuitry 
 - Low noise JFET front end 
 - MM gain 45 dB
 - MC gain 64dB
 - Front panel loading MM/MC loading and gain switch 
 - Input impedance MM - 47k, MC - Select at time of order
 - Passive eq
 - Fully regulated power supply - no wallwarts
 - Modular design to facilitate upgrades 

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Deposit - $350.00 (EMT or Paypal Accepted)


Furutech AC Inlet - $35.00

Gotham Audio-Sonarquest 85015 Power Cord - $100.00

Choice of input configuration
    - Standard single input with MM/MC switching 
    - Two sets inputs - MM/MM; MM/MC; MC/MC - $100.00

Please allow 6 weeks for delivery

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