DTS Audio ​Electronics

Audio Repairs, Sales, Mods and Upgrades

Quality high end audio repairs and modifications.

DTS Audio repairs analogue and digital, tube and solid state.

All repairs are carried out by Dan Santoni - a technician, an audiophile, a music lover and a musician.

Most repair facilities use generic replacement parts. These types of parts are not suited to audio, and can be unreliable. They will also affect performance.
DTS uses only quality parts - no cheap substitutes. Our reputation for quality workmanship, and the ability to bring your unit back up to factory (or better) specs has allowed us to gain the cooperation and confidance from many major manufacturers, even ones we are not factory authorized to repair.

We are also authorized to do factory upgrades for several manufactures.

If you want the best for your unit, a no compromise repair, don't leave it up to your local TV repairman. We are the experts in high-end audio service.

We do repairs from all over North America.

***If you are out of the area and wish to ship me your repair item, please contact me directly at the email address on the contact page.****

****DTS Audio no longer repairs Tuners, Tape Decks or DVD Players.****