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SSL2 Custom Solid State Linestage

Introducing the SSL 2 JFET input solid state line stage
Built into the DE chassis, this compact line stage packs a big punch.

JFET Front end for tube like sound.
Amazingly low distortion (less than 0.05% at full output - 20Hz to 20kHz)
Extremely low noise.
3 inputs, 2 sets outputs
1 ohm output impedance can drive long cable lengths and any amplifier out there.
100k Input Impedance
6dB Gain
Alps volume control
Fully regulated high current power supply
Max output 10V 
Frequency Response at 2V out - 10Hz to 40kHz +/- 0.1dB

Preamplifier front preamplifier back

Available in two versions.
  With Standard Power Supply Only - $950.00
  With High Capacity Power Supply - $1200.00
EMT or Paypal Accepted

The High Capacity Power Supply can be added any time for the difference in price $250.00

 - High Capacity Power Supply - $250.00
  - ​Gotham Audio-Sonarquest 85015 Power Cord - $100.00
 - Furutech IEC Connector - $35.00

For more information visit:
Blackdog HiFi SSL2
or use the email link below